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What To Expect In A Michael Session

There’s nothing quite like being touched, right?  Releasing stress and tension, kneading tight muscles, getting energy flowing. Bodywork is an ancient practice, used by healers as well as warriors on the field before going into battle.

For me, body and energy work go together because energy moves through the body animating us, giving life to the muscles and flow to the systems.  While I utilize a variety of body and energy techniques, I emphasize Deep Tissue Swedish Massage in combination with Eastern Shiatsu. They are woven seamlessly together throughout the session facilitating a very deep release.

It’s important to note this type of session focuses less on what we think of as ‘relaxation’ massage, and more on what the body calls out for in the moment.

For example, we all have medical issues in our bodies; from tension and tight muscles, to chronic use syndromes like tendinitis, to conditions like scoliosis and fibromyalgia.

Throughout our session we focus on finding the areas in most need of attention, and intently providing that care.

In working this way the body does become deeply relaxed, but in a different way than one might experience in a typical hotel or spa massage. When specific ongoing issues are addressed throughout the whole body, the effects are holistic, deeper and more relevant to ones overall wellbeing.

*A typical session lasts 1-3hrs.
*I come to your house, workspace, set, trailer etc.  You are also welcome to come to me.
*FULL DISCRETION is compulsory.
                   *Rates: $120/hr- Incall          $160/hr- Outcall (minimum 90 mins)
*Please inquire for Sliding Scale and Discount Packages

Deep Tissue Massage & Shiatsu


As the name suggests, this therapy is deep. It’s meant to release chronic muscle tension by using slow, deep, direct-on-muscle techniques. Deep Tissue Massage locates ingrained areas of discomfort, “knots”, and slowly opens them by bringing blood flow back to the area. This allows for greater range of motion, pain-free movement, and significant stress reduction.

Slow deep breathing is encouraged throughout a variety of techniques such as muscle stripping, trigger point, and myofascial release.

Your muscles may feel it the next day, in some cases residual soreness may last a few days. It is akin to how your body can feel after a work-out at the gym:  Muscles are being used and stretched in a way they’re not used to. But that little bit of pain can provide quite a bit of gain.

Deep Tissue Massage can provide some of the longest lasting overall benefits, and great relief to specific tight areas and sources of lifelong pain. With the release of stress and tension comes a sense of ease, well being, and chillaxation.

*A typical session is 90 mins. 
*You will be mostly or fully disrobed.
*The session happens on a state of the art massage table. 
*I utilize creams, lotions, and oils, as well as heat balms for deeper treatment.


Shiatsu is a system of massage and energy manipulation developed by Traditional Medicine practitioners over the last 5000 years. It is a Japanese form of bodywork that works with Energy Meridians  as well as Acupressure Points, or “Tsubo’s.” Tsubo’s are akin to the points on the body where an acupuncturist places their needles.

During a Shiatsu session, through pressure, rocking, and stretching techniques, the Energy Meridians are tonified and ‘stuck’ energy is released and balanced. The Tsubo’s are stimulated by pressing with the hands and fingers, doing slow, deliberate, rotations.

Shiatsu can be deeply relaxing because of the gentle but deep nature of the work. We’re often aware of when a muscle is sore, but we may not always be aware of when/where energy is stuck.

Shiatsu works on a distinct and often deeper level than the muscular. It works with the organs, and flow of energy throughout the body in such a way that it provides an overall systemic healing.

*A typical session is 90 mins. 
*You are fully clothed during this session.
*A Shiatsu session is done on a Shiatsu mat or on the floor.
*It can be a little like ‘having Yoga done to you.’

Body & Energy Extended Menu


The primary function of relaxation massage is to invite the body & mind into a state of ease, with light to medium pressured strokes.It is sometimes referred to as Light Touch Massage, because while the strokes are thorough and specific, they are truly non-invasive. It is meant to melt you into the table, without it feeling like work or therapy, and without residual soreness.

Additionally, SRM can help shorten recovery time after intensive exercise by removing metabolic wastes out of the muscles. It helps improve blood return from the extremities, stretches ligaments and tendons, and relaxes the nerves while stimulating the skin.

While Swedish Relaxation Massage feels great in general, it is also a regular component of stress management programs.


Thai massage originates in India and draws from Ayurveda practices. The receiver is put into yoga-like positions and the focus is on stretching and elongating with varying amounts of associated pressure. It’s soothing because of its emphasis on loosening contracted joints and muscles.

The recipient is in comfortable clothing, lying on a Thai mat or the floor. The practitioner leans on the recipient’s body using hands, forearms, legs, and feet to apply firm, rhythmic, pressure. The massage generally follows the Sen lines on the body, analogous to Chinese Meridians.

A full Thai massage session can last two+ hours, and covers the entire body; incidentally this may include pulling the fingers, toes, ears, cracking the knuckles etc.


Sports Massage is designed for the serious athlete, weightlifter, or anyone who is using their muscles in a vigorous way.

Technique varies based on intent. Pre-event sports massage focuses on warm-up, increasing blood flow, loosening muscles, gentle but clear stretching. During-event massage focuses on keeping the athlete loose, lots of stretching, neck and shoulder massage.  Post-event massage focuses on recovery from exertion, cramp prevention.

Sports massage is specific to the person, event, and time the massage is being given. Techniques used are specific to the same criteria. Sports massage in general is very good for helping reduce risk of injury and recovery time.


Besides feeling fantastic to have your feet and hands rubbed, Reflexology is actually based on an intricate and specific network of ‘reflex points.’

According to Chinese Medicine, energy flows through invisible routes or pathways throughout the body called Meridians. These channels end at the feet, hands, ears and head. Specific points along the Meridians are directly related to bodily organs, in how they function and their systemic duties throughout the body.

Similar to Shiatsu, pressing these points and manipulating these areas results in an unblocking of energy, a release of tension, and an overall balancing and return of holistic energy flow throughout the body.


Refers to the technique used for stretching the fascia and releasing bonds between fascia and integument, muscles, and bones. The goal of myofascial massage is to release restricted parts of the body, i.e. contracted fascia, ‘sticky’ muscles, thereby increasing range of motion and balancing the body.
Injuries, stress, trauma, overuse, poor posture, certain auto-immune diseases such as Fibromyalgia can all cause restriction to the fascia. Myofascial frees fascia restrictions, allowing the muscles to move efficiently and relieving pain.
Compression, skin rolling, traction and twisting strokes, as well as various kinds of muscles holds, are all techniques used in myofascial release.
Myofascial work is widely used by sports massage therapists, physical therapists, deep tissue massage therapists, and rolfers, as one of the techniques in the overall landscape of their work.