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Welcome to the weird world of astrology.

Astrology is a science and an art. It dates back 12,500 years, and probably longer than that, maybe as long as humans have looked up at the stars.
To say how astrology ‘works’ would be difficult. But we can say, it’s not through gravitational forces or mathematical equations. As far as we can tell it’s not ‘causal’ at all…at least not in a recognizable way.

It’s magic, not-magic.

Astrology’s nature is mystical. It is the realm where science meets spirituality. It is the space where the universe shows us its imbedded wonder, how things are clearly interconnected. The ‘why’ then, maybe isn’t so important.
There is no belief required for astrology. It would be like asking you to believe in gravity. Astrology has its own ground of truth, just like gravity. Throw a ball up in the air and it comes back down. You don’t have to believe in gravity to make it so. Same with Astrology. The planets indicated in your birth chart effect your life in a tangible way.

So be dazzled by it! Be in the awe and joy of not knowing, and feel the grandeur of greater design.


An Astrological reading utilizes a tool called the Birth Chart (or Natal Chart.) To obtain a Birth Chart one needs the Day, Year, Place, and Time of birth. We put that information into an app and we access your Birth Chart.
We then have a session, similar to a therapy session where we talk about your life, how you are related to and affected by the Cosmos.

Most of us are familiar with Astrology already via our ‘sign.’ My sign, for example, is Capricorn, so I tend to relate to the world through a Capricornian lens. But I also have 5 planets tightly together in the sign of Sagittarius. The proximity of those planets to one another as well as their location in Sagittarius also influences my life to a great extent. Therefore I’m not only ‘a Capricorn,’ but i have other energies, particularly Sagittarius, effecting my life as well.

All the planets in our chart, their location and placement, their relationships to one another and the signs, it all has an impact on the entirety of your life.  Your choices and experiences, worldview and temperament, ability to let go, fortitude to hang on, all is influenced by these archetypal make-up.

Archetypes and Knowing Thyself.

My lineage of Astrology is Archetypal Astrology. We read fields of influence rather than predicting the future. A typical astrological conversation shows us how specific energies/archetypes play out in ones life.  The combination of different archetypes show us our desires and proclivities, areas of challenge, points of power, where in life we might encounter love, what kinds of work might bring us fulfillment.

One of the great strengths of Astrological Inquiry is to help you know yourself.  The Birth Chart is your Cosmic Fingerprint. It’s the lens through which you’re navigating this lifetime. This kind of awareness allows for more informed, nuanced choices in ones moment to moment reality.

Astrology wants to provide a ground of being that can not only bring a greater sense of peace into ones life but can also help direct one toward meaning, and a greater life purpose.

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