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Soultegrity…is a combination of the word Soul and Integrity.

It came about as much from inspiration as it did desperation.
I was in the midst of a dark night of the soul, trying to understand my path.

What was true for me wasn’t in alignment with what others were telling me should be true.
I felt strongly called to follow my impulse, do things in a way that seemed right to me.

I began noticing this in others as well…people do weird things.

We date the same type of dysfunctional person again and again.
We follow an intuition to quit a perfect job, move across the country, trust a stranger with our lives.


How we move forward is mysterious.
It often doesn’t make sense to those watching.
It doesn’t need to.

It’s truth from a deep place, beyond words,
from a Wound, a Source, a Somewhere only the knower knows.
The knower learns to trust the knower.

We may need to take two steps forward, one step back, many times
before we recognize the path we’re walking.
Sometimes we need to get things to the bone.

To be clear:

It’s different than ‘following your bliss.’
It’s different than being a ‘free spirit.’
It’s exactly the opposite of being flakey.

It is surrendering to yourself.  It is being radically responsible and accepting
exactly who you are, and living your life accordingly.

Not always comfortable.
Not always in alignment with where you wish your life would go.
Not an easy path.


We incarnate for the purpose of evolution.
The soul is eternal, it incarnates into this lifetime with what it’s working on.
Our friends, lovers, families, are our cast of characters meant to facilitate our evolution,
help us get our ‘work’ done. And you, do this for them.

The clearer we get, the greater service we can be to others.
The clearer we get, the more intense and exponential will be our own evolution.
The clearer we get, the more content we will be with our Journey.


SoultegrityArts is a holistic pathway to help you find that truth.
Light parts, dark parts, all parts of you.
There is magic in the acceptance of oneself.

Hearing your Truth is an art, following your path is Courageous.
SoultegrityArts invites you to do both.


PNEUMANAUT: One who looks out with wonder upon the world and he says with Spirit, “I must go there!”

I’ve been in the Holistic Healing Arts since 2001, and in private practice since 2003. My original degree and licensure was in Massage and Shiatsu Therapy from The Swedish Institute College of Holistic Sciences in Manhattan.

I started building my practice in NYC, and in 2005 moved west to Los Angeles and have been working with clients on both coasts since then. I’m a bit of a nerd, and continuing education has always been really important to me.

In 2007, I went to grad school at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, and completed a Masters Degree in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness. We explored the strange doings of human beings, trying to figure out why we are how we are.  I focused on Spiritual Psychology and the Evolution of Consciousness. Together I use them in a practice I call Intuitive Counseling.

In 2011 I continued body and energy work at the International School of Thai Massage in Chiang Mai Thailand. It’s a very different sort of practice, but equally therapeutic as traditional massage. Incidentally, I also went to Thai cooking school, which is one of the best things I’ve ever done.

In 2013 I started another training, this time at New Ventures West Life Coaching in San Francisco, where I got my formal certification as an Integral Life Coach. As Life Coaches we help describe a path, a way forward, rigorous, and uniquely tailored to the particular person we’re working with.

And finally, from 2005 to Present I’ve traveled the world volunteering with All Hands, an international non-profit organization. We’re a disaster relief group, first responders to earthquakes, tsunami’s, hurricanes, typhoons, erupting volcano’s, tornados, floods, fires, and probably someday an avalanche.

Just as important as everything else are my mentors, teachers, and therapists who have had an immeasurable impact on my personal growth and ability as a counselor and healer. They have guided me with patience and humility, letting my path unfold in its time, holding space for me to get necessary parts of my own healing in order to be available for others. It’s been a tremendous gift, for which I am eternally grateful and hope to pass on to others.